Free Lesson Plans on Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Silk Road, Spice Trade for Social Studies

As world explorers go, Marco Polo is probably the most curious and exciting. He traveled in medieval times (when just going across town was dangerous) to explore the empire of the mongol leader Kublai Khan (son of Genghis Khan). Polo brought back exotic spices, jade, silk and strange beasts (elephants) to the western world. More importantly, he opened the door between East and West. His travels ushered in the Silk Road and Spice Road trade systems. Polo wrote about his travels in "Il Milione" or "The Travels of Marco Polo." Here are free printable lesson plans on Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and the Mongol Empire. Free Printable Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Silk Road Lesson Plans