Alphabet Letter Reading Lessons from A-Z

Need some fun summer games to help children practice the alphabet, letters, reading, and phonics? We want children retain what they've, but let's do it the fun way. Here are reading recipes and games using alphabet and letter foods. Here's what you will need:
- Alphabet pasta (available in pasta section)
- Chicken soup broth
- Alpha-Bits cereal
- Letter pretzels
- Letter Cheez-its crackers
- Variety of fruits and vegetables (whole and fresh)
Alpha-veggie (Initial Letter practice) Preschool to kindergarten
Set out a tray of fresh fruits and vegetables
Give each child a bag of letter pretzels, letter Cheez-its or Alpha-Bits
Hold up one fruit or vegetable at a time. If the child has the letter in his bag that matches the first letter of the fruit, he may eat the letter.
Cut each fruit and vegetable into bite sized pieces with letter pretzel or cracker near it. Or make salad from fruit pieces.
Fruit and Vegetable letter list
A-apple, apricot, avocado
B-banana, blueberry, bean, broccoli
C-cucumber, celery, cherry, cabbage, carrot
E-eggplant, endive
G-grape, grapefruit
H-head of lettuce
I-iceberg lettuce
J-(juice from fruit)
K-kiwi, kale
L-lemon, lime, lettuce
M-mango, muskmelon, mushroom
O-orange, onion
P-pear, pineapple,peach, pepper, potato, pea
R-radish, raspberry, raisin
S-strawberry, star fruit
T-tangerine, tomato
U-ugli fruit
W-watermelon, wax bean
X-(Hershey's kiss!)
Y-yellow bean
Word Wizards (grades 1-5)
Give each child a bag mixed with letter pretzels, letter crackers and Alpha-Bits breakfast cereal.
Set the timer for three minutes.
Child makes as many words as possible with his bag of letters. When finished the Word Wizard makes the treat disappear!
Alphabet Souper (all ages)
Cook alphabet pasta in chicken broth. Add vegetables from Alpha-Veggie game if desired or just let children enjoy the pasta. As they eat the soup children name the letters or make words with the letters in the bowl. You can substitute Campbell's Alphabet Soup if desired.
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