5th Grade Graduation Reflections

We just celebrated our youngest daughter's fifth grade graduation. When I wrote this, Michigan fifth graders were exiting elementary school and starting middle school in sixth grade. And that was bad enough. Now it's happening in 4th grade in some schools!

I know, I know you don't have to say it; my husband already has "in our day, there was never any 'graduation' ceremony." But he was more upset that sixth grade (now fifth grade) is too young to begin middle school. I don't know whether I disagree or agree with the ceremony and party thing. I guess I look at it as "smaller stuff" which I choose not to sweat (already have enough of that, thanks). But abut fifth or even sixth graders being too young for middle school, I totally agree. Not because they're immature. It's the age gap I object to. Read on. 5th Grade Graduation Reflections. Picture is me and the young 'un now mostly growed up.