Free printable Thanksgiving activities, crafts, coloring pages, cards

Along with the holiday food preparations, parents have extra duties at #Thanksgiving with kids home from school. How about free printable Thanksgiving crafts to occupy children? How about #Cut And Paste paper crafts to keep little ones busy during holiday preparations? Children will love coloring and making Thanksgiving party decorations, invitations, greeting cards, games, table decor, placemats and more with these printouts. Print 3D turkeys, Native American Indians crafts, pilgrims, pumpkins, harvest cornucopias--all the traditional holiday themes. These are perfect for preschool and elementary social studies crafts too.   Free printable Thanksgiving holiday activities, crafts, coloring pages, cards

Black History Month Lesson plans from Rosa Parks bus seat

I sat in Rosa Parks' bus seat. Yep. It was that same seat which, on December 1, 1955, she refused to vacate when a white man wanted it. This random act of defiance sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and propelled Woolworth Lunch Counter protests, freedom riders, and other Civil Rights demonstrations. All because of Rosa Parks. It still gives me goosebumps. She became an instant celebrity. How the Rosa Parks bus came to live at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan is as touching as that of its most famous passenger.   MLK Jr. Day connects Detroit, Rosa Parks bus to New Orleans Congo Square, Kwanzaa

Free Thanksgiving decorations, crafts, games, greeting cards, coloring pages, printables

Hey teacher, want some Free Thanksgiving holiday crafts, games, greeting cards, coloring pages, printables? Click that link for tons of goodies for classroom Thanksgiving parties, lesson plans (think American history, Native American Indians culture activities, etc.) Parents, you can get in on these freebies too. Print a bunch of Thanksgiving activities for kids to make in anticipation of the holidays.

Repurpose and reuse: Recycled trash crafts of bird feeders, bird watching areas

Jan. 5 is Bird Day when bird watching fans flock to their binoculars. But you don't have to wait for January to enjoy bird watching. Just put up some bird feeders and sit back. Bird feeders are some of the easiest trash crafts to make. What are trash crafts? Trash crafts are made from recycled trash and other cast off stuff. Repurpose and reuse recycled trash as bird feeders with these easy tips. Give as holiday gifts. Bird watching is something everyone can enjoy, even the shutins and disabled elderly. Check out your recycle bin for these recycled trash materials and make bird feeders and bird watching stations the neighbors will envy! Trash crafts that repurpose and reuse recycled trash make great lessons plans, 4H lessons and merit badge activities for scout troops.  Repurpose and reuse: Recycled trash crafts of bird feeders, bird watching areas |

Free printable Strawberry Shortcake dolls coloring pages, vintage toys |

Strawberry Shortcake has been loved by children since 1979, when American Greetings featured her on a greeting card. Then Kenner toy company designed a set of dolls each with different fruity dessert names and dressed in color matched clothing. Some had a companion animal pet with a matching dessert name and the dolls smelled like their fruit. The characters lived in Berry Land and included Strawberry Shortcake (Pupcake), Blueberry Muffin, Huckleberry Pie, Apple Dumplin' (Tea Time Turtle) Apricot (with Hops-a-Lot), Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom, Raspberry Tart, Cherry Cuddler (Gooseberry the Goose) and Lime Chiffon (Parfait the Parrot). In the 1990s Strawberry Shortcake was redesigned and updated. New dolls were added. Then Strawberry Shortcake had another reincarnation in the late 2000s.   Free printable Strawberry Shortcake dolls coloring pages, vintage toys |

Free printable biology science activities: Botany, flowers, plant biology |

Biology science activities naturally focus on living things. Teach students about botany and plant biology in spring science activities. As students watch nature awakening all around, they observe plant biology and plant structure--seeds, roots, stems, buds, leaves, flowers and fruit--first hand. Teach kids about botany for Earth Month in April. In May and June, students can explore flowers and more mature plant structure. Here are links and websites with hundreds of free printable spring science activities on botany, plants, trees, plant biology and flowers. Get free printable spring science coloring pages, worksheets, charts and diagrams.  Free printable biology science activities: Botany, flowers, plant biology |

Montessori learning centers: Mastery learning in exploratory science tubs

 Montessori type learning centers focus on hands-on child-led mastery learning, individual work stations and play as work activities. Activities in learning centers aim for mastery learning through exploration and task completion. Montessori science learning centers are also called sensory or sensorial learning areas. Here's a system for portable exploratory science tubs with task-oriented science experiments and activities for mastery learning.  Montessori learning centers: Mastery learning in exploratory science tubs |