Gutentag! Teacher mama coming to you live. I've just started another blog (yes, manic blogger alert). This one is education-centered. Well, so are most of my 55 (blushes) blogs. I've several on lesson plans, one on crafts, one on games, one on preschool, one on special needs. But I decided to create one blog that was a general education collective--like a digital teachers' lounge, or an internet cafe for educators. Plus I had a cool name that was begging to be used. Thus, teacher Apple Bytes was born.

Why should you care what I have to say about education? Well, you certainly don't have to. But I've made a career of it over the last 32ish years. And you might find some interesting tidbits to help. I worked as a Sunday school and VBS teacher starting at age 14. I was a camp counselor in high school. I was a YMCA day camp director. I majored in education, starting in 1982. I earned a teaching certificate in K-8 and special education endorsements in 1986. I taught Montessori, adult education, alternative education, correctional facility classes, ESL, GED, ABE, remedial reading, senior citizens, high school completion, psychology, history and science.

I homeschooled my four kids for 10 years, beginning in 1995. I taught for our homeschool cooperative. I subbed for several years. I wrote and directed four student plays. I volunteer in family theatre, at our local museum and at church. I teach a 1760s dame school for a French voyageur encampment each year. I've written over 1,000 lesson plans, developed curriculum for just about every subject and have been writing about it online since 2004. I've got over 2,000 education-specific pieces of content published.

So stop by and visit. I'll be posting information for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, university education majors, teachers seeking jobs, anyone interested in learning.